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Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year

We're a proud partner of Audubon North Carolina's Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year program to bring back North Carolina's native plants to benefit birds and our environment.

Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year is all about LOCAL! Local plants, local businesses and local gardens. By supporting local nurseries in North Carolina, you are helping to lay down roots to grow more native plants.

Why Native Plants?

Native plants benefit our environment, our birds and our local economy.

We see it pretty simply; native plants are a winning choice for gardeners because they are:

Bird Friendly Native Plants of the Year
  • Easy: Native plants are easy to grow in North Carolina's climate. This means less maintenance and, once established, less plant care.
  • Perform:Since these plants are made for North Carolina, after the first year these selections often grow with little coddling. Plant it and forget it.
  • Earth-Friendly: Native Plants are made to endure North Carolina's pests, heat, cold, natural rainfall and other plant maladies. Fewer pesticides and herbicides mean a healthier, happier planet.
  • Beautiful: Native plants are gorgeous. If you haven't seen a beautyberry with fruit or a Coral honeysuckle in bloom, we suggest you take a moment and do an image search. These native plants are great additions to your garden over time. We're not recommending a total plant makeover, but just adding a few of these species to your backyard can make a world of difference for birds.
  • Food for Birds: You will be helping birds raise their chicks, and who isn't happy about that? Birds need native plants to feed their chicks and to stay fed all winter. In the spring, birds pick off caterpillars to feed their babies. In the fall, the seeds and fruits from native plants are excellent sources of energy for the winter.
  • Available: We're actively working with Audubon North Carolina to offer a select list of native plants. Find out what made this year's "Native Bird-Friendly Plants of the Year" at

Native Bird-Friendly Plants of the Year are a hand-selected list of plants to add to your garden this year. The list is short so that you can easily add new plants to your native collection year after year. If you "collect as you grow" you can add plants to your plans today while North Carolina's growers can prepare for future years.

2018 Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year

  • Green and Gold
    Chrysogonum virginianum
  • New York Ironweed
    Vernonia noveboracensis
  • Deciduous Holly
    Ilex decidua
  • Possumhaw
    Viburnum nudum
  • Wild Columbine
    Aquilegia canadensis
  • Coral Honeysuckle
    Lonicera sempervirens
  • Northern Sugar Maple
    Acer Saccarum (Mountains, Piedmont)
  • Blackhaw
    Viburnum prunifolium
  • Spotted Bee Balm
    Monarda punctata
  • Blueberry
    Vaccinium spp.
  • Southern Sugar Maple
    Acer floridanum (Piedmont, Coastal Plain)
  • Willow Oak
    Quercus phelllos
  • Swamp Sunflower
    Helianthus angustifolius

To learn more about this program visit Audubon North Carolina's Local Plants page

For more information on North Carolina landscaping and gardens, call Edgefield Plant & Stone Center at 336-662-0081 or contact us.

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