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Integrating Stonework into Your Landscape

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Stonework can add sophistication and style to any landscape. It adds timeless elegance and a natural yet structured energy that cannot be beat. As experts in landscaping and stonework, we wanted to share a few of our favorite stone-inspired project ideas with you. When it comes to landscaping rocks for your Colfax, NC home – the possibilities are endless!

From charming stone paths and stunning steps to pond borders and edging, there are so many ways you can incorporate rocks into your home landscaping. And, the experts at Edgefield Plant & Stone can help you choose the best landscaping rocks and design for your unique backyard. Stones last for many years and look fantastic with a variety of landscape styles, so you are sure to find the right design for you!

landscaping rocks

Stepping Stone Path

A stepping stone path is a charming and picturesque option for the garden and shady areas alongside the home. They are also a practical way to keep shoes clean when walking up to a side door or back door.

landscaping rocks

Simply Stunning Steps

Landscaping rocks can be used to create stunning steps that lend style and stability to your landscape. The large, flat rocks used to build these types of l steps ensure that anyone about to tread on the stairs will be completely safe. Stone steps add dimension and interest as well as an easy way to get around and enjoy your yard.

landscaping rocks

Anchor Your Plant Beds

Use rock throughout the property to anchor the plant bed and tie it in nicely with the rest of the scene. Landscaping rocks and stonework can also create different levels of flower beds on a small hill or incline to lend level ground for planting.

Landscaping Rocks and Water

There is something magical about the combination of rock and water in a landscape. Fountains and ponds made of stone are a beautiful way to make a big impact on even the smallest property.

For all of your rock work, the size and shape of your stone will be central to achieving the look and feel you desire. So, it is important you choose your rocks carefully. And, the experts at Edgefield can help! Are you interested in landscaping rocks for your Colfax NC home? Call Edgefield Plant & Stone Center at 336-662-0081, visit our garden center on Edgefield Road, or Contact Us to Request a Quote.

Spring to It! Get Your Garden Ready

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Spring officially arrived in North Carolina on March 20th; which means it’s time to prepare your garden for the warmer months ahead! What sort of plans do you have for your flower beds and other parts of your landscaping this year? When you are ready to get your spring garden underway, stop by Edgefield Plant & Stone Center for supplies, expert advice or for a consultation! A consultation usually only takes one hour and we identify would-be plants and locations as well as existing plants and recommended transplanting.

garden center

More of a DIY guy or gal? You can also find design help at our garden center. We can give you personalized design services based on your knowledge of your yard, photos you bring in, measurements and lighting conditions. We are a garden center in High Point NC, and we have a few expert tips to help you make the most out of this year’s growing season!

Spring Clean Up

Start by cleaning up leaves and debris that remain from the fall and winter months. Dead leaves and vegetation can cause pathogens, mold and rot that can harm your garden. While this rot is a natural function of the garden’s decomposition cycle, you should have it in your compost pile; not on your beautifully maintained garden.

How does your stonework look? If you would like to update or add stonework to your landscape, trust the experts at our garden center to help you create a design perfect for your yard.

Draw Up Your Plans

Interested in new flower beds or to fix existing ones up? Start drawing up plans, complete with measurements. Not sure where to begin? You can always visit our garden center to learn more about the best plants to plant in your flower beds, which ones will grow the best in our climate and how to properly care for them.

garden center

March, April & May is for Mulching

Spreading mulch not only serves an aesthetic function, but also serves to protect your flower beds from the heat of summer. A layer of mulch also helps suppress weeds while retaining mulch and moderating the soil temperature. But, be careful not to over mulch, as this can cause rot and prevent healthy growth. Need mulching advice? Stop our garden center today!

Start Planting

The best time of year to plant perennial flowers and gardenias is in the early spring. Visit our garden center to learn more about what types of flowers, trees and shrubs thrive the best in our climate and environment.

Have a Landscape Installed for You

We do complete installations.  The members of our crew are trained, seasoned landscape professionals.  No job is too complex or too small. From a single tree planting, to a privacy screen of shrubs, to a complete design that includes water features or stonework; trust the experts at Edgefield Plant & Stone Center!

Are you interested in visiting our garden center serving High Point NC and the surrounding areas? Call Edgefield Plant & Stone Center at 336-662-0081, visit our garden center on Edgefield Road, or Contact Us to Request a Quote.

Fall Landscaping Prep for New Deciduous Growth

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The colors of the fall have erupted on our fair state. The temperatures are dropping and it is time to prepare for winter. Your landscaping likely needs a little bit of love before the freeze sets in. Our trees, which in the average lawn or on the common property tend towards being mature deciduous, need a little upkeep help from their human contemporaries. Some of these tasks you may wish to do on your own, some you may not wish to pursue but instead opt to hire a landscaping professional to help you prepare your planted wares for the winter. If you are indeed looking for winterization prep help or the acquisition of additional deciduous trees or shrubbery from a well-seasoned landscaping entity service in Colfax NC and other nearby towns, look no further than Edgefield Plant & Stone Center.

Raking Leaves

A deciduous tree is one that sheds its leaves every single year. There will be plenty of raking to do in their honor, but this is something many willingly accept as tradeoff in exchange for the brilliant colors emitted annually when the leaves begin to turn. The year’s leaves essentially are spent but that in no way means that you cannot add additional trees and shrubbery to your landscaping. In fact, deciduous trees thrive when planted newly in the fall. We at Edgefield Plant & Stone will only encourage your purchase of new plants for your landscaping. We can most certainly help you with the design or just the planting of new trees on your property. In addition to the movement of plants, we also like to provide sage advice that will help your trees live long and healthy lives, thriving in our climate through means of general upkeep and care. The following are just a few tips for the planting of deciduous trees this season:


Think of mulch as a blanket for the root systems of your trees and shrubbery. A blanket of mulch insulates those roots against the elements. When applying fresh mulch it is advisable to go with 2-4 inches of mulch against the base of the trunk of the plant in question. A task normally carried out in late November or early December, the mulch will work as a means of buffering it against temperature extremes. With stabilized temperatures you have yourself a healthier start to life.


The root network of any tree is of paramount importance with regard to its health. If you are planting in the fall, there may not be enough time for it to establish a hearty root system before winter is upon us. Be sure that the plant is placed in area where it will receive adequate sunlight and water access. Adding fertilizer is not a bad idea either.


Access to light is essential to the life of your tree. We are not talking merely of the branches and trunk, the ground that covers the root network is also in need of sunlight. You will need to rake and provide general maintenance of the area throughout the fall and winter. Photosynthesis, plants absorbing sunlight and converting it to nutrients. Sunlight translating lightly to food for trees, it is absolutely necessary that they are granted this access.


When your new trees are planted, you will need to water them. The winter may offer rain and snow but the intermittent nature of such precipitation may call for you to get out and water the plants. Be sure to provide them with an inch of water per week if they do not get such otherwise.

For more information on landscaping in Colfax NC, call Edgefield Plant & Stone Center at 336-662-0081 or contact us for a free quote.

Plot and Plan Your Garden Landscaping Wisely

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Maybe gardening is a new hobby that you have decided to pursue? Or a seasoned professional? Regardless, designing and implementing a garden can be a big challenge. You may find that your desire to have the best of both worlds—organization and color—are often clashing in practical use. You wish it to be aesthetically pleasing as can be, in hue and generally pleasing to the eye. If, however, you are too strict in your planting—as per symmetry—your garden can look a bore. The experts on landscaping in Greensboro NC and surrounding environs, Edgefield Plant & Stone Center, have a few tips to help out.

Try to avoid keeping your lines to clean, defined or rigid. Your aim should not be a well-manicured European style formal garden; it is in your yard after all. Outdoor elements like sunlight and moisture can ruin even the best laid and planted gardens. One portion of your attempt at a formal garden may grow faster than the other, and maintaining it may be an insurmountable task.

When you sketch out your ideal backyard landscaping, aim for plants that match one another. Your garden plants should be varied in color, leafing shape, size, &tc. Your plants do not have to be exactly the same as another within your garden but they should look good together.

When it comes to flowers, choose varieties of different heights. Instead of planting them in neat rows, plant them in groups. Your flower groups should be somewhat irregular to offer a more rewarding look. Plants should complement your house. Use them to soften the edges of your home and property. A good evergreen is a great type of plant to use along your home’s foundation. With each new season, you should have a new focal point for your wide range of plantings. This way your lawn, garden and landscaping will be great to look at all year long.

This gardening business can be a bit difficult, so please feel free to visit us at our plant center. Bring in some rough measurements and photos of your property and backyard landscaping. Our experts will provide some recommendations. We will give you free design advice for smaller projects, and if you want advice on a bigger project, let us know and we can schedule a time to come out and take a look.

For more information on backyard landscaping in Greensboro NC, call Edgefield Plant & Stone Center at 336-662-0081 or contact us for a Free Quote.

Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year

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Edgefield Plant & Stone is a proud partner of the Audubon North Carolina’s Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year program. The program’s goal is to bring native plants back to North Carolina to benefit our birds and environment. They are doing this by asking people to plant local species of flowers, trees, plants and shrubs, and they are encouraging people to support their local nurseries and other businesses to continue these goals.

Bird-friendly native plants are easy to grow in our climate and environment, which means you will not spend as much time caring for and maintaining them. You can enjoy their beauty with little effort on your part: “plant it and forget it.”

These types of plants are able to endure North Carolina’s climate and environment. So they can withstand our heat, cold, rainfall and other environmental aspects of our specific area.

If you want plants and flowers that are eye-catching and lovely to look at, bird-friendly native plants are your best bet. You can enjoy these beautiful plants while knowing you’re doing something beneficial for the birds in your area and for your local environment.

Speaking of birds, bird-friendly native plants help encourage healthy baby birds. Birds can easily feed the seeds and fruits of these plants to feed their babies, and they can also pick caterpillars off of these plants to feed to their babies too.

These are just a few examples of the bird-friendly native plants that the Audubon of North Carolina suggests you plant:

  • Eastern Blue Phlox (Phlox divaricata)
  • Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
  • Winterberry (Ilex verticillata)
  • Spicebush (Lindera benzoin)
  • Callipcarpa americana (Beauty berry)
  • Aesculus pavia (Red Buckeye)

Plants like these are easy to add to your garden and, as mentioned, they are easy to care for and will bring you years of enjoyment. You can add a few new plants every year if you want, and you can feel good knowing you are helping our area’s birds and environment.

You can visit us at Edgefield Plant & Stone to learn more, and we can give you more suggestions on which bird-friendly native plants will work best for your garden. We can tell you how to care for them so you get plenty of enjoyment and help the birds and environment while you’re at it.

For more information on bird-friendly native plants of the year in North Carolina, call us at 336-662-0081, or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate.


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